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Many thanks to the Seattle First Baptist Church for supporting live music in Seattle.


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The Jazz in You
Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals, Live Recordings Release Date: 2014

* Digital download available on iTunes and CD Baby


Artist Notes

Once in a great while there is a spontaneous moment in music when performers, an engineer, an audience and a venue come together and create magic. For me, this concert was one of those moments.

Recording in a studio is not my favorite activity, so when I had the honor of performing at the Seattle Jazz Vespers 12th Annual Concert on January 5, 2014, I decided to try something new. Jim Wilke of KPLU agreed to record the concert with an all-star cast of musicians: Alexey Nikolaev on Saxophone, Randy Halberstadt on Piano, Clipper Anderson on Bass and Mark Ivester on Drums.

We recorded without rehearsing. We played some jazz, and this is the result.

Heartfelt thanks goes to my loving family, my village that surrounds me with support, and my friends, whose words  - both kind and objective, I truly appreciate.

This album is dedicated in life to Patricia J. Young, Dorothy Pounds, Edmonia Jarret, Merc Arceneaux, Carol Tabor and Shirley Cline.